How to become a Service Advisor?

Posted On Mar 02, 2021 |

Are you an experienced service advisor? or you are looking to become one? We have courses created just for you, explore the library of our courses.

So what is the role of service advisor?

Well, this role is defined in various ways but essentially a service advisor is a liaison between customer and the organization. This role is also described as someone who acts as a bridge between customer and the organization.

So what should a service advisor do with the highest level of competency and professionalism ?

Following is the list of activities that are least expected from some one who is in this role.

  1. Understand the processes
  2. Meet & greet professionally
  3. Understand the customer's needs
  4. Provide accurate advice

and what competencies should a service advisor have?

Soft skills and Hard skills are the two types of skills that are required for someone to become a service advisor. And we have explain these skills in detailed in the course "The role of Service Advisor", click on the link below to get access.