The Role of Service Advisor

Deliver the exceptional customer service.

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Waqas Ali

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Amazing Course

Amazing course for those who needs the essential information to become a service advisor.

9 months ago

Very good Training Materials for automotive professionals .Very simple to understand and detailed topics . I will recommend this course to the existing service advisors or to those who are interested to start career in the role of service advisor.
This course is must take.

Amaranatha Hegde
Automotive Service Advisor

Outstanding learning experience i never had before. This course contains lot of information about service advisors responsibilities, key functionalities and much more. I have not seen such course specific for automotive on any other platform such as udemy, coursera etc.

Mohammed Mudassir
Student - Automotive

Amazing detailed content which covers all aspects of the service advisor role and responsibilities.

This course offers variety of information about the essential competencies that a service advisor should have. 

Khuram Shahzad
Automotive Professional